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Machine Vision

Machine Vision - Area Scan Cameras

Whether you are designing machines for fruit inspection,  developing the next generation of robots, or creating systems to survey our cities, FLIR cameras can help accelerate your development. FLIR’s industrial, visible light cameras combine the most advanced sensors with powerful features for both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing.



Test, Develop and Deploy at Speed

Dragonfly S USB3


Dragonfly® S is a first of its kind, practical option for industries ranging from life science instrumentation to factory automation.

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Beyond 5GigE Performance

Forge 5GigE


Vizor 1200_627.jpg

The Forge is based on an all-new camera platform designed to support a feature and sensor set to easily built robust and powerful systems faster.

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FORGE® 1GigE IP67 Camera

Designed for reliability in demanding industrial environments like Food and Beverage and Smart Agriculture.

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Product Families

Find our latest USB3, GigE, 10GE, cased, board level and inference cameras leveraging the latest CMOS sensors.

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360° Spherical Imaging

Achieve high-resolution, 360° visual coverage at survey-grade accuracy.

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Download SDKs

Find documentation, source code, precompiled examples, and libraries for Spinnaker & Flycapture.

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Machine Vision Resources and Tools

Model Selector

Find and compare camera choices based on your specifications.

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Lens Calculator

Calculate Field of View, Focal Length or Object Distance by providing the other two properties.

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Sensor Review

Compare performance specifications with 100+ Mono and Color Camera Models.

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Machine Vision Learning Center
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Embedded Vision

How to Build a Custom Embedded Stereo System for Depth Perception

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Sensor Technology & Review

Sensor Periodic Table

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Case Study

Vision-Based Sports Analytics, Soccer Training and Player Assessment enabled by Teledyne FLIR Machine Vision Cameras

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