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Multifunction Navigation Systems by Raymarine

At the heart of every Raymarine navigation system is a powerful Axiom multifunction display powered by our simple and intuitive LightHouse operating system. More than just a GPS or chart, the MFD is your link to our wide array of sensors and cameras that bring you total awareness in the marine environment. Raymarine offers MFDs ranging in size from 7 to 24-inches to fit onboard any vessel. Systems are modular, expandable and flexible.

Axiom Pro Multifunction Displays

Axiom Pro multifunction displays are designed for Captains who want it all. HybridTouch™ controls provide easy operation, even when seas are rough. Built in 1kW and RealVision 3D sonar let you view the underwater world like never before. Axiom Pro is powered by the LightHouse 3 OS and connects to our full range of sensors, scanners and cameras.

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ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality: The Real World, Made Even Better

Thermal night vision cameras from FLIR give you the power to complete your mission 24x7. Navigate quickly and safely through total darkness and unpredictable waters when lives are on the line. Gain clear tactical awareness when observing potential dangers>and avoid unexpected obstacles when responding to emergencies.

Not only can FLIR cameras turn darkness into day, they are also a force multiplier that let you accomplish more on every patrol. Available long-range optics and visible-light payloads allow you maintain a safe standoff distance while conducting surveillance or enforcement actions. Plus, FLIR cameras integrate seamlessly with your other onboard systems like radar and GPS charting, enabling one-touch camera tracking and integrated display along side radar and chart.

AR200 ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality

ClearCruise AR is bringing enhanced on-water perception to Raymarine’s Axiom family of multifunction displays. With ClearCruise AR captains can make smarter decisions and understand complex scenarios with navigation objects overlaid directly onto live video on Axiom’s HD display. ClearCruise AR tags actively identify navigation aids, AIS-equipped traffic, and nearby navigation marks in the camera’s field of view, plus it is compatible with Raymarine visible cameras, as well as FLIR marine thermal night vision camera systems.

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