Precision Accuracy at Maximum Range

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Targeting Solutions

FLIR provides superior targeting solutions in all conditions, and in any tactical environment the world has to offer. Our combat-proven heritage of durability and performanceprovidesunrivaled support you can trust, regardless of your mission. Clear vision isone thing which cannot be compromised,and with systems deployed all over the world, FLIR is proud to enable precision accuracy for total mission confidence.

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All Terrain EO/IR Sensors

FLIR targeting systems represent over 20 years of battlefield experience. FLIR utilizes the industry’s only true vertical integration of laser designating systems, from growing crystals to designing and integrating the laser within the EO/IR systems.FLIR offers solutions for all your ISR&T missions whether from land, air, or sea.

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Full-HD Multi-spectral Targeting System

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Thermal & Image Intensified Weapon Sights

FLIR has ground forces fully covered with the tactical advantage they require, whether scanning through camouflage or the dark of night. Our ruggedized thermal and image-intensified weapons sights and scopes are ready for your mission.

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