Complete Awareness on the Biggest Stage


Vision Solutions for Crowded Events

A full suite of FLIR thermal and visible-light cameras give security professionals and event staff the power to monitor crowded areas during events and detect intruders during off-hours. FLIR security solutions help keep performers, athletes, spectators, and staff safe.

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Advanced Software for Full Coverage

FLIR United VMS integrates and controls FLIR thermal and visible cameras in the most hectic, crowded environments. Supporting analytics, PTZ tracking, and hand-off from fixed to PTZ cameras, United VMS is intuitive to use and scalable to meet coverage requirements of modern stadiums.

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Monitor Every Section, Concourse, and Walkway

A robust portfolio of FLIR visible security cameras overcome challenging mounting situations and blind spots. Specialized cameras such as immersive 360° imaging and corner-mount cameras offer superior coverage over traditional security systems.

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Ariel 3MP Corner Camera

3 Mega Pixel Corner Camera