Advanced Multi-Mission UAS

SkyRanger™ R70

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Developed for the most demanding UAS operations, the SkyRanger R70 establishes a new benchmark for small UAS performance and reliability. With its expanded carrying capacity, open architecture, and advanced autonomy and artificial intelligence, the R70 is redefining what’s possible with a small VTOL UAS.

Adaptive. Innovative. Powerful.

  • Resilient and Operator-Proven

    R70’s carbon fiber and magnesium airframe is tested to IP-54/MIL-810G. Operating up to 15,000’ MSL and withstanding sustained winds up to 65 kph.

  • An Open Architecture

    The R70's open architecture, including the Payload Development Kit (PDK) supporting payloads up to 3.5kg, allows end users and integrators to expand the capability set of their aircraft.

  • Autonomous and Intelligent

    Advanced edge-of-network processing, enabling object detection and classification, semi-autonomous flight, and the ability to thrive in GPS- or comms-denied environments.

Camera Options
Supported through the R70 Payload Development Kit (PDK)
Day Imager
HDZoom 30, EO/IR MK-II, Forward EO/IR
Image Stills
HDZoom 30: 20 megapixels (5184 x 3888 pixels); EO/IR MK-II: 13 megapixels (4192 x 3104 pixels) / (640 x 512 pixels)
Night Imager
EO/IR MK-II, Forward EO/IR
Video Metadata
Embedded STANAG 4609 KLV metadata
Video Resolution
HDZoom 30: 1080p60 H.264 HD recorded; EO/IR MK-II: 640 x 512 / 8.33 FPS H.264 recorded; Forward EO/IR: 1920 x 1080 / 160 x 120
915MHz, 922MHz, 2.2GHz, 2.489GHz + other frequencies
Launch Time
3-5 minutes
Mission Data
AES 256 bit encryption with secure key exchange
Radio Range
Up to 8km (5 miles) with standard base station
IP-54, MIL-STD-810G for salt mist/rain
-30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
65kph sustained, 90kph gusting (40mph, 56mph)
Maximum Speed
Ground speed 50kph (31mph); Max ascent speed 4m/s (13ft/s); Max descent speed 3m/s (9ft/s)
Typical Endurance
50 minutes with high-endurance propulsion system; Over 40 minutes with standard propulsion system
HDZoom 30: 30x optical 60x digital; EO/IR MK-II: 4x digital; Forward EO/IR: NA
Physical Features
Field of View
HDZoom 30: 68.6° to 2.6° (30x), 1.3° (60x); EO/IR MK-II:: 58° / 45° (13mm) or 32° (19mm); Forward EO/IR: 90° / 57°
80cm (31.5in) from motor mount to motor mount
Aircraft 4.5kg (9.9lbs) – Airframe, arms, legs, 4 batteries, no payload; Standard pack 8.5kg (18.7lbs) – Aircraft, Base Station, HDZoom 30
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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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SkyRanger™ R70