Electric Power Generation


high-voltage electric equipment

Quickly Locate Partial Discharge (PD) with Acoustic Imaging

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Power Generation Steam Turbine

How visualizing gas in real time can aid in finding small leaks, verifying repairs, and avoiding costly outages.

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Wind Power Preventative Maintenance

Thermal imaging can help you inspect all electrical and mechanical components of the wind turbine and the surrounding electrical system.

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Workplace health and safety: elevated skin temperature screening for the Utilities industry 

FLIR offers a variety of easy-to-deploy, rapid screening solutions that can help utility companies protect their workforce and avoid unexpected downtime due to illness. Learn how to set up skin temperature screening stations and explore scaleable solutions that meet any organization's needs, big or small. Learn more

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Technical Notes from the Infrared Training Center ITC logo

Gain greater insight into practical applications for thermal imaging in the electric power generation industry, and potential solutions to problems thermographers and utility inspectors face every day.  

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Electric Utility Brochure

Whether it’s your responsibility to maintain uptime at electric power generation stations, keep the power flowing through distribution networks, or troubleshoot failures at the residential and commercial level, you need tools to help you quickly diagnose problems before they turn into expensive failures. Download the FLIR Electric Utility Solutions brochure to learn about the wide range of electric utility inspection and maintenance challenges, and potential solutions that will make your job easier.

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Test & Measurement

Tools for fast, accurate troubleshooting

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Thermal/Visual Cameras

Solutions to help you survey from any angle

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Visualize gas leaks and see through flames with these cameras

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Software and hardware Solutions

Innovative FLIR data-management products

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