Application Spotlight: Power Generation Steam Turbine

Decrease Downtime, Reduce Maintenance Costs

A steam turbine relies on Hydrogen to run, this is a very flammable gas. When it is time to perform maintenance on the system, the hydrogen gas is purged from the system and replaced by a noble gas, carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 now makes it safe to inspect for leaks. Locating carbon dioxide (CO2) leaks on turbine generators can be time consuming when using traditional methods. A small leak left unnoticed can become a big, costly problem — as well as a serious safety concern. But these problems are not always visible to the naked eye, making you more vulnerable to undetected leaks and unexpected downtime. 

Using a combination of inspection tools such as optical gas imaging, thermal cameras, and electrical test equipment can help you visualize gas in real time to localize small leaks, verify repairs, and avoid costly outages.

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