Ultra Lightweight Multi-Spectral Imager

Recon® V Ultra Lite

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Fully operational at less than three pounds, the breakthrough Recon V Ultra Lite provides long-range target detection, recognition, recording and geo-location with an HD color camera and dual FOV thermal channels. Powered by commercially available AA batteries, the unit has a run time greater than four hours with smart power management. Combined with a highly accurate laser range finder, GPS, digital magnetic compass and intuitive user interface, targets can be quickly located 24/7.

Acute Situational Awareness

  • Best-in-class thermal imaging

    The latest 12-micron thermal imaging sensor with industry-leading processing and an HD color display provides outstanding image quality for positive target identification day or night.

  • Rapid target classification

    Built-in stabilization, 7.2x magnification, digital magnetic compass, GPS, and laser rangefinder provide accurate range-to-target and precise geo-location.

  • Designed for individual field operators

    Light and easy to use, Recon V Ultra Lite minimizes operator fatigue and can survive the most demanding field missions.

Easy, intuitive operation

Easy, intuitive operation

An intuitive interface bypasses overly complex dropdowns in favor of a quick-shot LRF and pushbutton image and video capture, reducing training time and improving usability in high-stress field operations.

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Recon® V Ultra Lite