Performing a clean installation of our camera software and drivers

Last Revision Date: 4/19/2016

This article explains how to perform a clean installation of our camera software and drivers. 

Problems experienced with our cameras are often a result of conflicts between recently installed versions of software and older versions of software. To perform a clean installation of camera software and drivers, completely remove the old version of the software, install the new software version, then associate the camera(s) with the new drivers.

1. Remove old software and drivers

    • Open Windows Device Manager, locate, and right-click on the camera(s).
    • Select Uninstall.
    • In the Confirm Device Uninstall, check Delete the driver software for this device and click OK.
    • Unplug the camera(s).
    • Use Add/Remove Programs (Start Menu → Control Panel) to remove the software (e.g., Spinnaker, FlyCapture, Ladybug, Triclops) from the computer.
    • Ensure that the installation folder has been removed (e.g., C:\Program Files\Point Grey Research\FlyCapture2). Delete the folder if it is there.

Note: For advanced users, we recommend using Start Menu → Search to find all instances of our drivers and remove them from the system. Search for *.sys files and *.dll files used by your SDK and delete them.

2. Install new software and drivers

    • Download the SDK from the download site.
    • Double-click the software executable and follow the installation instructions.
    • Reboot the system.

3. Connect the camera and verify that the correct driver is installed

    • Connect the camera. Windows automatically recognize the camera when the correct driver is installed. If the camera driver does not install properly, verify that the driver and software versions are compatible.
    • Determine which version to use as follows:
      1. Use the Windows Device Manager to determine the version of the driver installed on the system.
      2. Verify that the software and driver versions are compatible. For FlyCapture, see "Which driver version works with which FlyCapture release."
      3. Use the Windows Device Manager to install the correct driver, if needed.
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