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Configure your fixed-mount continuous monitoring thermal camera to your exact requirements. Meet the new FLIR Axxx-Series.

Smart Sensor Thermal Camera

Perfect for customers who prefer to have built-in analytics capabilities; transfer complete, actionable results to their own system

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Image Streaming Thermal Camera

Ideal for customers who would prefer to obtain the raw data and do all the analytics using their own application

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The FLIR Axxx-Series is perfect for Process Control & Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Condition Monitoring, and Early Fire Detection. The Advanced Smart Sensor configuration can also be used for elevated skin temperature screening as an adjunct to other Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) screening tools.

Once you've decided on your configuration, all you have to do is:



How do the A400/A500/A700 Series stack up against other FLIR fixed-mount camera solutions?

Download the camera matrices to gain a better understanding of how the Smart Sensor and Image Streaming configurations compare with FLIR Ax8, A315, and A615 thermal imaging cameras.

Smart Sensor Comparison Chart
Image Streaming Comparison Chart

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