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FLIR Cerberus

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Cerberus is a rugged, trailer-based integrated long-range mobile surveillance system that rapidly deploys in austere and environmentally challenging environments to provide unmanned remote perimeter surveillance for weeks at a time. Built to support force protection, border surveillance, ISR, and target tracking as well as long-range perimeter security, Cerberus integrates radar and visible/thermal camera payloads ranging up to 30 km with slew-to-cue of cameras to radar tracks.

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  • Integrated Command & Control

    Available in multiple range configurations, Cerberus also networks its sensors with other Cerberus units, FLIR vehicles, and command and control nodes, providing unparalleled wide area perimeter security capability.

  • Continuous Perimeter Security

    Detect and track more than 500 targets simultaneously with radar and identify and classify threats with imaging sensors. Run Cerberus on a generator, battery, shore power, or solar power.

  • Wide Area Situational Awareness

    HD EO/IR and FMCW radar provide 360° long-range threat detection out to 30 km. Combine mid-wave infrared (MWIR) with visible/lowlight cameras, near IR and/or SWIR to cover up to four spectral bands.

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Field of View
0.5 degrees to 40 degrees
Focal Length
13 mm to 1200 mm
Approximately 4200 lbs (1900 Kg)
Command & Control
Cameleon Tactical
Track fusion of multiple sensors, slew-to-cue of radar to camera, mapping functionality, zone management, video archiving and distribution, and alarm notification and management
Simultaneously Tracking
over 500 Targets
Length [Trailer]
175 in. (444.5 cm) including the tongue
Mast Height [deployed]
19 FT (5.8 m)
Mast Height [stowed]
47 in (119.4 cm)
Power Options
Generator, Battery, Shore Power and Solar
Trailer Height [mast deployed]
243 in (617.2 cm) no payload
Trailer Height [mast stowed]
82 in (208.3 cm) no payload
Width [Trailer]
87 in. (221 cm)
Payload Options
NIR & SWIR wavelength
Laser Designator Laser Rangefinder Laser Pointer (NIR & SWIR wavelength)
Radar Options
FMCW and Doppler options, Ka and X band, ranging from 700 m to 60 km
Standard Features
Silent Mode Operation Differential GPS Weather Station Shore Power Connection Operator Control Panel
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FLIR Cerberus