Dual-Sensor Thermal Camera for Drones


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Take thermal to new heights with the FLIR Duo: a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for drones. The same size and shape as the most popular action cameras, Duo offers powerful features like on-board recording and real-time remote control of camera functions over PWM — plus MSX multi-spectral imaging enhancement. Duo also comes with a fully radiometric variant called Duo R that delivers accurate, calibrated temperature measurements in every pixel.

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Affordable, Lightweight Dual Sensor Drone Imaging

  • Dual-sensor imaging in a compact package

    Duo combines thermal imaging with color video in a compact, lightweight package. Its analog and HDMI outputs let you view thermal, visible or Picture-in-Picture imagery.

  • Easy camera control and on-board recording

    Not only does Duo capture digital video files, it can also capture still images for later analysis in FLIR Tools software.

  • Powerful camera control & configuration

    Remotely control up to two camera functions with PWM inputs and configure your camera's recording and control settings over Bluetooth with the intuitive FLIR app.

41 × 59 × 29.6 mm
Spectral Band
7.5 – 13.5 µm
Thermal Frame Rate
7.5 Hz (NTSC); 8.3 Hz (PAL)
Thermal Imager
Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Thermal Measurement Accuracy
+/-5°C or 5% of reading
Connections & Communications
Digital Video Output
Micro-HDMI; HDMI video at 1080p
MAVLink Interface
Mini-USB Connector
Power in, Analog video out, PWM connections, MAVLink control
Remote Control
Two PWM Controls (assigned in App)
Environmental & Approvals
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to +50°C
Operational Altitude
+12,000 feet
Storage Temperature Range
-20°C to +60°C
Imaging & Optical
Image Optimization for sUAS
Lens Options
57° x 44°
MSX Enhancement
Multiple Color Palettes
Yes – Adjustable in App and via PWM
Sensor Resolution
160 x 120
Visible Camera FOV
Visible Camera Resolution
1920 × 1080
Input Power
5.0 - 26.0 VDC
Power Dissipation [steady state]
2.2 W (3.3 W)

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