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intelliRock II Temperature Logger

Model: Temperature Logger 30ft
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IntelliRock Temperature Loggers can measure and document the temperature profiles and gradients of in-place concrete. Since a large number of sensors can be used with a single on-site reader, detailed temperature profiles can be easily and cost-effectively generated. IntelliRock's software tools also make temperature analysis and reporting a snap. The loggers are ideal for measuring and documenting temperatures in cold weather, mass pours, curing tanks, and moist rooms.

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Determine true, in-place concrete strength in real time

  • Ideal for Cold Weather

    Determine and document temperature profiles and regulate thermal protection.

  • Use for Mass Pours

    Use real-time strength information to determine safe temperature gradients.

  • Max/Min Temperatures

    Log Max/Min temperatures for any construction application, and ensure maximum temperature specs are adhered to, mitigating long-term DEF risk.

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intelliRock II Temperature Logger - Model: Temperature Logger 30ft

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