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108 mm Night Vision Clip-On System

Designed for long-range target detection and engagement, the FLIR CO-LR-LRF adds high-performance night vision to any standard day scope. Using an existing ballistic reticle for shot placement, the CO-LR-LRF provides immediate precision by quickly mounting in front of day optics—no rezeroing needed. Variable gain control and included XLR IR illuminator further enhance imaging in challenging light conditions.


Compact Night Vision Clip-On System

Designed for short- to medium-range observation and rapid target acquisition, the FLIR CO-Mini clip-on system converts a standard day optic into a tactical night vision device. The CO-Mini installs in front of magnified day scopes in seconds via objective lens adaptor or quick-release Picatinny mount. Use of the existing day scope reticle allows consistent shot placement without the need to rezero.


80 mm Night Vision Clip-On System

The FLIR CO-X clip-on system introduces night vision capability to traditional daytime optics. Intended for mid-range shooting, the CO-X mounts in front of a day scope and provides reliable night vision in minimal light conditions. Using the existing daytime reticle for shot placement eliminates the need to rezero, while quick-release Picatinny mount installs in seconds.


145 mm Night Vision Clip-On System

The FLIR CO-XLR-LRF is the most advanced night vision clip-on in its family. High-performance image intensifier tubes and extra long-range 145 mm optical lens generate superior imagery for engaging targets at extended distances. Installed in front of a standard day optic, the CO-XLR-LRF offers immediate high-quality night vision and precise shot placement—no rezeroing needed. Included XRL IR illuminator maintains excellent image quality in adverse lighting conditions.

FLIR Nemesis 6x

Night Vision Riflescope

The FLIR Nemesis 6x is designed to place shots on long-range targets in minimal light conditions. Built with high-performance Gen 2+ or Gen 2 "Quicksilver" black and white image intensifier tubes, the Nemesis 6x captures excellent night vision and mounts on standard Picatinny/Weaver rail systems. Adjustable illuminated reticle and included detachable long-range IR illuminator enhance image clarity and shot precision.

FLIR Vampire 3x

Night Vision Riflescope

The FLIR Vampire 3x is a CORE intensifier tube-based night vision riflescope designed for precise shot placement in minimal light conditions. A solid aluminum housing protects key electrical components from severe weather and shot recoil while an included extra long-range IR illuminator improves downrange image quality. An onboard tactical rail makes mounting additional lasers or illuminators simple.

FLIR Vulcan 4.5x

Night Vision Riflescope

Available in a wide array of high-performance image intensifiers, the FLIR Vulcan 4.5x riflescope offers impeccable vision downrange in minimal light conditions. Manual focus, gain, windage, and elevation adjustments give the marksman complete control for precise, repeatable shot placement. Included detachable XLR IR illuminator mounts on a built-in tactical rail and enhances image clarity in challenging conditions.