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Intelligent Multi-Sensor Solution

FLIR Systems, Inc. is proud to be the exclusive, world-wide distributor for the MIO Series™ line of products from MoviTHERM. This intelligent new I/O solution allows FLIR customers to combine the FLIR AX8, A310, and FC-Series R cameras with the MIO for a complete, robust system for condition monitoring, early fire detection, and process monitoring.

ThermoVision CM

Desktop or PC Panel Solution

The ThermoVision CM is an industrial computer for FLIR thermal imaging cameras with built-in condition monitoring software, ideal for facilities that demand 24/7 uptime. Your company will benefit from continuous condition monitoring and hot spot detection without the need for periodic manual scans, saving money and equipment. Compatible with the FLIR AX8 and A310 cameras, the ThermoVision CM comes fully configured for a four or nine camera set-up.

ThermoVision EFD

Desktop Computer Solution

The ThermoVision EFD is an industrial computer that integrates with FLIR thermal imaging cameras to give you an advanced early fire detection system that's ready right out of the box--no programming needed. Built-in software algorithms minimize false alarms from vehicles and other hot sources, giving you the benefit of early warnings without needless disruptions. Compatible with FLIR A615, A315, A65, and A35. ThermoVision EFD comes fully configured for a four-camera setup.