Increasing your FLIR ONE app visibility

Dear FLIR ONE App developers,

We’re excited about the FLIR ONE apps we’re seeing and we’d like to help get you maximum visibility and as many customers for your apps as possible. It’s come to our attention that some potential users are having a hard time finding FLIR ONE apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, so I’m writing to suggest three things you can do that will help people find and download your FLIR ONE apps:

  • First, it’ll be a lot easier for people to find your app if your registered app name includes “ … For FLIR ONE”. For example “Cool Thermal App” would become “Cool Thermal App For FLIR ONE”. While 3rd party developers can’t use a name for an app that sounds like it’s from FLIR like “FLIR ONE Cool Thermal App”, we support and actually encourage naming your apps to include “… For FLIR ONE”.
  • Second, use of keywords is very important and it’ll help users find your apps if you include the following set of key words in your app description: FLIROne, FLIR1, thermal, Heat, FLIR, ONE. For good insight on the use of keywords and app store optimization check out this article.
  • Third, positive app ratings can be important when users decide whether or not to download your app. To start, consider integrating a feature into your app to prompt users and then make it easy for them to review and rate your app. Then, in the interest of helping other FLIR ONE developer community members, take a little time to review and post fair and supportive ratings of other FLIR ONE apps.

If your app has been approved as a FLIR APPROVED APP by April 15th we will include it in an upcoming promotion of FLIR APPROVED APPS that will also drive more potential customers your way.

I hope you find this helpful, I know it’ll make a difference for your apps’ usage. As always if you need help with anything you can either post it on the FLIR ONE Developers Forum or drop me a note directly.

Happy developing!