Understanding Filter Methods for Uncooled Optical Gas Imaging


Optical Gas Imaging Cameras are a critical tool for detecting gas leaks. It is important to understand the capabilities of a cooled camera versus an uncooled camera to ensure customers are making the right investment for their operations.  

Infrared (IR) cameras have long been a valuable tool for detecting gas leaks at facilities such as natural gas power plants and many locations across the natural gas supply chain, using a technique known as optical gas imaging (OGI). By capturing the contrast between background energy and energy that’s been absorbed or transmitted by gas, such cameras make it easy to identify leaking components. The most common OGI cameras available today offer a cooled imaging sensor. While these cameras provide users with sophisticated capabilities, they may be out of reach for some potential users due to the price point. Now, new advancements in uncooled detector and spectral filter technology are expanding the options for OGI to include a more cost-effective option. 

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