FLIR Fido X4 Receives ASTM E2520-15 Performance Certification

The FLIR Fido® X4 premium handheld explosives trace detector (ETD) has been certified by Signature Science, LLC in accordance with the ASTM International method for Standard Practice for Measuring and Scoring Performance of Trace Explosive Chemical Detectors (ASTM E2520-15). The Fido X4 demonstrated performance that meets or exceeds the criteria for “standard of minimum performance.” The intended users of this standard are ETD developers, test laboratories, and agencies responsible for deploying effective deterrents of terrorism.

The ASTM E2520-15 standard is intended to measure the background response encountered in operational environments, effective swab sampling rate of trace explosive residues, and the estimated maintenance requirements during an 8-hour shift. The standard focuses on post-sampling performance for eight categories of explosive threat materials in the presence of a standard Background Challenge Material (BCM). Explosive categories tested are Nitro-Aromatic (TNT), Nitrate-Ester (PETN), Nitramine (RDX), Nitrosamine (R-Salt), Peroxide (HMTD), Nitrates (Urea Nitrate), Smokeless Powder and Perchlorates. The standard does not require but places additional value on explosive substance identification.

“Testing our products against an industry standard through a third party enables FLIR to validate and standardize its internal quality assessments,” said Clint Wichert, Director of Product Management, for CBRNE Detection at FLIR. “Meeting the requirements of the ASTM E2520-15 standard sets strong internal performance benchmarks for the Fido X4 that can be used to gauge continuous improvement of the sensor platform’s sensitivity, selectivity, and repeatability.”

“FLIR is committed to ongoing standardized testing that is based on scientific evidence, experimental data, and that has been developed by world experts in explosives trace detection,” Wichert added.

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