Bringing the Thermal Advantage To Germany and Austria

DEKOM Video Security & Network GmbH is a FLIR distributor for the security market in the DACH region.

With over 25 years’ experience in the security industry, DEKOM Video Security & Network GmbH is one of the leading companies for network-based video surveillance technology in the German-speaking market. The Hamburg-based distributor and system integrator has also been a FLIR partner for Germany and Austria for more than seven years. For Wolfgang Haack, CEO of DEKOM, working with the world leader in thermal security cameras has been both beneficial and enjoyable.

DEKOM employs 36 security technology specialists, of which more than half are occupied with the technical aspect of video security installations: planning, project management, configuration and technical support. For all of these tasks, DEKOM pays utmost attention to quality of service. Some 80% of DEKOM’s business comes from industrial customers, although the company also offers similar solutions for airports, harbors, power plants, substations, and many more.

Offering FLIR thermal imaging cameras

“We offer the total portfolio of professional security solutions from FLIR, including the FC-Series, F-Series, SR-Series, PT-Series and D-Series,” says Wolfgang Haack. “Recently, we were also able to add the FLIR TCX Bullet and Mini Bullet cameras to our portfolio, which are very interesting innovations.” In addition, DEKOM Video Security & Network GmbH also offers the handheld cameras for law enforcement applications.

“We have been offering FLIR thermal imaging cameras for about seven years now,” says Wolfgang Haack. “In the beginning, we were a bit skeptical, because thermal imaging was a relatively new technology at that time. But soon, we realized that the market potential of this technology was great. Today, FLIR is the only thermal imaging camera brand we actively propose to our customers. FLIR products always offer high quality, they are easy to install and configure, and in the case we need support, the company is always ready to assist.”

FLIR cameras for perimeter security at BASF

DEKOM Video Security & Network GmbH secured the perimeter of the BASF Ludwigshafen plant, which is about 20 kilometers in length and borders several different types of terrain.

“One great example of a successful project with FLIR cameras would have to be the perimeter security for the BASF Group,” says Wolfgang Haack. BASF is a leading chemical company with a portfolio ranging from oil and gas to chemicals, plastics, performance product and agricultural products. With over 200 chemical production plants, several hundred laboratories, technical centers, workshops and offices, the BASF headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany, is the largest integrated industrial complex in Europe, covering an area of over 10 square kilometers.

“The perimeter security system for the BASF headquarters had to be able to detect every single intruder, no matter what the lighting conditions were,” Wolfgang Haack explains. “The perimeter of the complex is about 20 kilometers in length and it borders several different types of terrain. We put in FLIR SR-Series cameras as a direct replacement of visual-light CCTV cameras, and the end customer was very happy with it. FLIR also delivered on time, and everything worked as planned.”

FLIR Raven: Real-time Interactive Security Site Planning Tool

DEKOM Video Security & Network GmbH also frequently makes use of Raven, FLIR’s planning tool for security cameras. Raven is a web-based thermal security site planning tool for FLIR security and surveillance thermal imaging cameras. It can handle up to 50 cameras at a time and conveniently displays both range and location for each camera specified. Raven makes use of Google Maps to design an entire security application and camera layout. It will show you the area of detection coverage, allowing you to plan which cameras you need to have installed and where.

Jointly successful

“We really enjoy bringing FLIR products to the market,” says Wolfgang Haack. “And the collaboration with FLIR via our dedicated FLIR contact Bertrand Völckers is excellent. We also try to spend sufficient time to the marketing of FLIR products, and put the FLIR innovations in the spotlight for our customers. In that respect, we have already highlighted the new FLIR FC-Series R camera, which cannot only be used for perimeter protection, but also offers on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring of substations, waste disposal, and valuable equipment.”

“DEKOM Video Security & Network GmbH really enjoys bringing FLIR products to the market,” says Wolfgang Haack.
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