Advanced Transportation Management

Cameleon ITS

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Tap the vast potential of intelligent transportation systems with Cameleon™ ITS. Featuring all the video control functionality of our standard Cameleon software, Cameleon ITS also provides built-in support for a wide variety of ITS devices. Cameleon ITS is advanced control software for intelligent transportation systems.

Powerful Traffic Management Platform

  • Information Sharing

    Cameleon ITS lets operators share video, sign control and detector information with other agencies, while maintaining complete control over their own system.

  • Customize to Suit Different Applications

    Easily integrate dynamic message signs, detector stations, signal heads, traffic control gates, cameras, video walls, recorders and many other devices into your system.

  • Video Management System

    ITS allows video decoding, distribution, transcoding and supply of digital streams to clients, video walls, websites and video sharing with other agencies.

Cameleon ITS