Thermal Camera for Aerial Firefighting Apparatus


Model: FLIR KF6, NTSC, Top Mounted, F
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FLIR's new KF6 is the industry's first thermal imager designed and built specifically for aerial apparatus applications. Mountable at the end of a straight stick and onto a ladder bucket, the KF6 provides firefighters a high-angle thermal view of rooftops and other elevated structures, helping them see through thick smoke, more efficiently target the hottest areas, and more strategically direct firefighting efforts.

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  • A New TIC Vantage Point

    The FLIR KF6 is the first mountable OEM TIC specifically for aerial apparatus applications. Providing a high-angle thermal view of rooftops, upper stories, and other elevated structures, KF6 can help your team see clearly through smoke and total darkness from an additional strategic perspective for more effective targeting and situational awareness.

  • Aerial Mounting Flexibility

    The KF6 can be easily and securely fixed-mounted under or atop aerial platforms and at the end of straight sticks. A single cable with a MIL-C connector provides 10-32 VDC in and composite video out for simple installation.

  • Best Resolution Shows You More

    Featuring 640 × 480 IR resolution and a 69° FOV, bolstered with onboard FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement, the KF6 produces vivid thermal images, providing finer detail and greater visibility for easier orientation and structural identification.

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Detector Type
Focal plane array, uncooled microbolometer
Housing material
IR Thermal Resolution
640 × 480
Top mounted
Packaging Size
247 mm x 175 mm x 175 mm (9.7 in. x 6.9 in. x 6.9 in.)
Size (L x W x H)
158 mm × 112 mm × 89 mm (6.2 in. × 4.4 in. × 3.5 in.)
Spectral Range
7.5–13.5 µm
1.2 ± 0.1 kg (2.6 ± 0.2 lb.)
Connections & Communications
Power and Video Connector
13-pin MIL-C-38999, D38999/24FB35PN Mating connector: D38999/26FB35SN
Video Out
Composite video output, NTSC compatible
EN 61000-6-2:2005 (immunity) EN 61000-6-3:2011 (emission) FCC 47 CFR Part 15 B (emission) ISO7637-2 Road Vehicles – Electrical Disturbances from conduction and coupling – Part 2: Electrical transient conduction along supply lines only. (Immunity)
IP 67 (IEC 605 29)
Humidity (Operating and Storage)
IEC 600 68-2-30, 24 hours, 95% relative humidity, 25–40°C (77–104°F) , two cycles
Operating Temperature Range
–32 to +65°C (–26 to +149°F)
IEC 600 68-2-27, 25g peak half sine wave
Storage Temperature Range
–40 to +70°C (–40 to +158°F)
IEC 600 68-2-6, 0.15 mm 10 Hz to 58 Hz and 2 g 58 to 500 Hz sinusoidal
Imaging & Optical
White and black
Field of view (FOV)
69° × 56°
Image Frequency
30 Hz
Image Modes
TI Basic firefighting mode
Video Standard
Measurement & Analysis
±10°C (±18°F) or ±10% in high gain range
Object Temperature Range
High-gain range: –25 to +150°C (–13 to +302°F) Low-gain range: 0 to +550°C (+32 to +1022°F)
Spot Meter
Temperature Unit
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD
< 100 mK at f/1.4
Meter Data
Auto Range
Power Consumption
< 5 W average, when supplied with 28 V DC
Power Input
10.5–32 V DC ( ISO 7637-2)
Start Up Time
< 20 seconds
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KF6 - Model: FLIR KF6, NTSC, Top Mounted, F

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