Multispectral Aiming/Illumination Module


Model: T-MAIM
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The FLIR T-MAIM is a multi-laser aiming system equipped with collimated visible and near-IR lasers. Built-in IR illuminator and near-IR aiming laser provide covert tactical precision when paired with night vision devices while manually-controlled pulse mode prevents confusion among multiple users. 256 discrete power intervals allow user-customization and included safety-mode tactical remote ensures appropriate laser intensity during training exercises.

Undeniably Powerful, Completely Customizable

  • Pinpointed Accuracy

    Co-boresighted rapid target acquisition lasers ensure consistency when switching between visible-light and night vision.

  • Training-Suited, Combat-Ready

    Safety remote temporarily inhibits laser power during training while pulse mode allows multiple users to reliably identify their sight in crowded environments.

  • Uncompromised Precision

    Built-In IR illuminator, flashlight mount, and rugged waterproof housing work with other equipment to provide the best tactical awareness in grueling conditions.

System Overview
Dimensions (L x W x H)
105 × 81 × 43 mm (4.2 × 3.2 × 1.7 in)
Product Weight
0.29 kg (0.63 lbs)
2 Years
Weapon Mount Type
Optional Accessories
Included Accessories
Packing Box, Soft Carrying Case, One Lithium Battery CR123ALens Tissue, Instruction Manual with Warranty Card, Remote Switch Assembly, SAFETY INTERLOCK (Class 1) - BLUE, Remote Switch Assembly, Tactical Full Access - BLACK
Environmental & Approvals
Waterproof 20 meters for one hour
Imaging & Optical
Divergence IR Dot
<0.5 mRad
Divergence IR Illum
1-108 mRad
Divergence Red Dot
0.8 mRad 
Operating Distance IR Dot
>200 m (low) / 2000 m (high)
Operating Distance IR Illum
>100 (low) / 2000 m (high)
Operating Distance Red Dot
>25 m (in direct sunlight)
Wavelength IR Dot
820-850 nm
Wavelength IR Illum
820-850 nm
Wavelength Red Dot
620-650 nm
Battery life
>10 hours in near-IR Aim Mode
Power Supply
One CR123A 3.0V DC Lithium Battery
Dimensions Output Power IR Dot
100 µW (low) / 25 mW (high) 40mW (Peak)
Dimensions Output Power IR Illum
500 µW (low) / 25 mW (high) 40 mW (Peak)
Dimensions Output Power Red Dot
4 mW (visible) / 5 mW (Peak) 
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