FLIR Cloud Services

Health Monitoring Tool

The FLIR Health Monitoring Tool gives detailed information on surveillance system status from anywhere in real-time. Enjoy more timely service than ever before.

Now you can…be proactive in managing your customer installations by accessing their system’s health status remotely and in real-time.

With Cloud-based monitoring, detailed information on a surveillance system’s configuration and status is collected. Customers can log-in to view this data to determine system health from any location. Integrators have access to all of their deployed systems, enabling them to monitor and maximize operations effectively and proactively. FLIR Cloud Services can also notify integrators of problems or potential problems – in order to take action before the customer is even aware of an issue.

Cloud Services are available to SSA customers. Please contact for further information.

Features & Benefits

Key capabilities:
  • System status is easily visible to integrators, customers and FLIR support team
  • Easy access to information from any location through Cloud hosting
  • When system health thresholds are crossed, the Cloud alerts the integrator before a problem occurs
  • Directory backup is uploaded daily to the Cloud
  • Fully secured with SSL certificate
  • Only authenticated users can view information
  • System owner determines who can monitor his/her system
  • Intuitive and easy user experience for monitoring health status of the system
  • Automatic installation upon system upgrade
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Improved level of service - Customers and integrators can view the status of their systems, servers and cameras at any time to proactively take action in case of an issue
  • Increased loyalty of end-users through providing visibility, reliability and proactive service
  • Easy access from anywhere via the web. No further setup is required once installed on the system side
  • Cost savings – saves on-site visits and hours of troubleshooting
  • Service Support Agreement now features online access to monitor and manage the health of the systems
  • Monitors Directory server, Archivers, Gateway server, Transcoders and EDB servers for: database status, storage, accessibility and more
  • Monitors edge devices and cameras for accessibility, recording status, firmware and more
  • Video content is secured at your site and not uploadable