Avoid Accidents and Damage to Infrastructure

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Reduce Risk of Accidents and Improve Efficiency

FLIR ITS is playing a vital role in helping public transportation systems operate safely. Our cameras can detect activity around platforms and tracks, monitor the seat occupancy and passengers in busses and trains, and even detect onboard fires—all in the effort to reduce the risk of accidents and improve efficiency.  

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Trackside Monitoring

FLIR thermal imaging cameras can detect people on metro, tram or railway tracks. Whether a person just fell from the platform or is deliberately walking on the tracks, FLIR cameras ensure 24/7 detection on tracks or in tunnels, regardless of the surrounding illumination.

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Level Crossing Safety

FLIR's thermal imaging cameras can prevent collisions between trains and vehicles at level crossings by detecting when a vehicle stops on the tracks. In this way, train and tram operators can receive warning in advance, enhancing railway safety.