Spring Apps Update

Hey FLIR ONE developers,

We’re getting closer and closer to launching our all-new SDK for mobile app development, and with it comes some exciting innovations and opportunities.  Interested?  Read on!

First, we’ve been busy creating the all-new FLIR Mobile SDK, and the feedback we’ve gotten from the alpha testers has been really good.  As usual there have been a few bugs to fix and minor improvements to make, but the new features and user interface look pretty solid.  Why the excitement?  Because being able to write a single mobile app that works with WiFi-enabled professional thermography cameras in addition to the FLIR ONE family and select FLIR moisture/multimeters lets you do some pretty cool things with apps!  We’re moving to beta testing very soon, and we’re looking at a public release before summer.  Stay tuned here for more info!

Second, a quick update on the FLIR-Certified Developer Program.  It’s been a big success so far, with some very good FLIR ONE apps having been developed by FLIR-certified developers on behalf of some big industry players.  Program applicants get additional training and support from FLIR, and once they’ve been certified they’re eligible for app development opportunity referrals from FLIR.   I anticipate that the new FLIR Mobile SDK will create new contract-development opportunities so I’m putting out the call for more applicants.  Interested?  Start the application process today while we’re in process of refreshing our training tools!

Third, I’m very pleased to announce that Tangar Technologies AB is the winner of the 2019 FLIR Innovation Challenge with their Tangar FLIR Pin project.  The Tangar FLIR PIN project applies thermal imaging and augmented reality in the Connected Industry space, addressing a clear and significant business opportunity by combining thermal imaging and augmented reality in a unique asset management solution using 3d scenes and easy to follow routing assistance.  As winners of the Challenge, Tangar will work directly with FLIR in a joint proof of concept with a pilot budget of up to SEK 250,000, and may also get the opportunity to develop and scale the solution for joint business development with FLIR.  FLIR is also pleased to announce that Gemit Solutions AB, Gimic AB, Imagimob AB, and Ekkono Solutions have been chosen as runners-up for the challenge.  FLIR congratulates and thanks all the inspired Swedish startups that participated in the 2019 Innovation Challenge, and is grateful to our friends at THINGS of Stockholm for collaborating on a great event.

I’ll close by welcoming Sean Lewis, Adam Cowdy, and Gavin Jamerson to the Developer Program technical support team.  As we roll out the new SDK it’s important that we’re here to quickly address any issues that come up, so when you submit questions and issues on the Developer Discussion Forum these guys target getting an initial response back to you within 1 working day.  Having them spread out between the US and Europe should help, and you can always drop me a note at cal.loo@flir.com if you aren’t getting the help you need. Welcome aboard Sean, Adam, and Gavin!

Happy developing!


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