Teledyne FLIR Announces identiFINDER R425 UW

Teledyne FLIR Defense has announced the release of the identiFINDER™ R425 UW next generation radionuclide identification device. The identiFINDER R425 builds on the legacy of the identiFINDER family of radiation detection and identification products by bringing the most sensitive detection to the harshest environments. The identiFINDER R425 is IP 68 rated to a depth of 20 meters (66 feet) for under water operation.


Teledyne FLIR’s identiFINDER R425 UW combines the best features of the identiFINDER R425, an increase of the GM tube to 1000 R/h adding a higher dose capability, and an LaBr detector offering higher resolution option providing a better energy resolution capability, with the ruggedness to operate under water, in 100% humidity, and in any marine environment. The identiFINDER R425 UW comes with the familiar 3-button controls common to all identiFINDER products, allowing for easy training and adoption.


This new device also serves as a successor to the under-water version of the identiFINDER R400 for those seeking the latest detection and identification capabilities in an environmentally versatile package.


“The identiFINDER R425 UW builds on the ruggedness of the identiFINDER R425, delivering the best radiation detection and identification technology on the market to harsh maritime and other extreme operational environments,” said Clint Wichert, vice president of Integrated Detection Systems at Teledyne FLIR Defense.


“The R425 UW expands on the field-proven legacy of our identiFINDER family of products, offering customers a natural successor to the R400 Underwater.”


The identiFINDER R425 UW comes with remote viewing, operation, and reach back over Bluetooth via available app (iOS/Android) or over USB-C via Teledyne FLIR’s intuitive web interface. It also features universal API to enable integration with user deployed networks such as Mobile Field Kit, ATAK, Sigma Edge, Safe Environment Gateway, and others. Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity are available via an optional adaptor.


With over 25,000 RIDs deployed worldwide, the identiFINDER R425 UW is poised to bring the best sensing and identification technology to all new environments, building on the identiFINDER legacy.


Learn more about the identiFINDER R425 UW online.


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