Tracking Infestations by the Heat They Generate

Thermal Imaging Clearly Shows Where Wasps are Hiding

No insects cause such irritation as wasps. Especially in summer and in autumn, these insects are increasingly active and can be very dangerous. Wasps tend to enter your home and build nests. When that is the case, the best thing to do is not to remove the nest yourself, but to call in a wasp extermination professional, such as Thomas Bonny. In order to better help his clients, this professional exterminator from Auxerre, France, recently added thermal imaging cameras to his toolkit.

When Thomas Bonny and his team are called in to remove a wasp nest, they always carry a thermal imager with them to help them locate the nest. More specifically, they use a FLIR C2 compact thermal imager and a FLIR One Pro thermal camera smartphone add-on to quickly locate nests behind walls, in roofs, or in any possible confined space where wasps could be hiding.

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