10 reasons you should add a FLIR ONE® Edge Pro to your toolkit

The FLIR ONE® Edge Pro is a cutting-edge thermal imaging camera designed to give you unprecedented flexibility when inspecting industrial components and condition monitoring. Its 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels) thermal resolution combined with its wireless technology make it an essential part of any industrial or condition monitoring toolkit. Whether you’re an electrician, HVAC technician, or maintenance or automotive professional, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is sure to revolutionize the way you work.


Here are 10 reasons you should add a FLIR ONE Edge Pro to your toolkit:



1. MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging)

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro has FLIR proprietary MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology, which adds visible light details to thermal images in real time for greater clarity and resolution—embedding edge and outline detail onto thermal readings. Unlike image fusing (merging of a visible light and thermal image), MSX does not dilute the thermal image or decrease thermal transparency. The software is designed only to capture useful visible details like lines and edges that are then superimposed directly onto the thermal picture. This gives images more defined details. MSX technology on the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is particularly useful in situations where thermal images need to be interpreted quickly, such as heating, cooling, or electrical monitoring.

With MSX thermal_aligned.jpeg

With MSX

Without MSX thermal (1).jpeg

Without MSX


2. VividIR™

FLIR’s patented VividIR image enhancement technology improves the clarity and resolution of thermal images, allowing you to see objects in more detail and detect potential issues more accurately. By improving the image quality, VividIR enables professionals to identify and diagnose even the smallest temperature differences, which can be indicative of potential equipment failures or other issues.


3. Use it with Multiple Operating Systems

One of the key benefits of the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is its ability to be used on both Apple and Android devices*. This compatibility allows you to choose the device that you are most comfortable with, making it easier to integrate the FLIR ONE Edge Pro into your workflow. Whether you prefer using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you can easily connect the FLIR ONE Edge Pro and capture and share thermal images with either operating system. This compatibility also makes it easier to share data and collaborate with team members, regardless of your preferred device.

*iOS (version 15 and later) or Android (version 11 and later) smartphones and tablets




4. Use it with smartphones and tablets

Another key benefit of the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is its compatibility with both small and large wireless devices. A smartphone pairing allows you to look for thermal anomalies in tighter spaces with less maneuverability or when you must deal with obstacles like in automobile inspections. A tablet pairing allows you to view the thermal images on a larger screen. This is beneficial for inspections that deal with very small targets, when individuals may not have superb eyesight, or when users would like to share immediate findings with others. The FLIR ONE Edge Pro’s unique compatibility options allow you to choose the device that is most suitable for your particular inspection.



5. Teamwork

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro has opened the door for new, more extensive and collaborative inspection options. The wireless technology and compatibility enables multiple people to inspect and monitor equipment simultaneously. Jobs that once could only be done by a single person can now possibly be done more thoroughly and in a fraction of the time by having multiple people participating in the inspection.

Darrell remote 600.png


6. Safer Monitoring

The wireless technology of the FLIR ONE Edge Pro allows you to monitor safely in a variety of situations. With the ability to connect to a smartphone or tablet, you can capture thermal images safely from a distance, reducing the need to physically approach potential hazards like high-temperature equipment or dangerous materials. Hence, you can avoid potential harm that you previously could not avoid.



7. Ruggedness and durability 

Featuring an IP54 rating and a tough outer shell designed to withstand scuffs, scratches, and drops, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is suitable for most traditional electrical, automotive, mechanical, and HVAC environments. While most thermal cameras could be severely damaged by the slightest contact with other equipment at a facility, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro can easily handle the everyday contact and wear of being in a toolbox or at a job site.



8. Convenient Size

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro is about the size and weight of a small flashlight, weighing just 153 g (5.4 oz).

Unlike some other thermal imagers of the same resolution and performance, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro doesn’t just comfortably fit in your hand, it can conveniently fit in your jacket or pants pocket. Or it can be stored inside the pocket of your tool belt. This frees up both hands in areas that require more awareness and precaution, and it offers more maneuverability to inspect tight and hard-to-reach areas like air ducts, engine compartments, or pipes, where larger thermal imaging cameras may not be practical.



9. Grip it or clip it - however you monitor equipment

The FLIR ONE Edge Pro was designed for versatility and to make it easier to perform inspections anywhere you need to. When scanning and holding the device in one hand is not the ideal method for performing an inspection, you can choose to clip the camera directly to your smartphone or tablet. The clip is spring-activated and allows you to easily attach, detach, and reattach to your device. Not only does the clip easily attach and detach, it provides a strong hold, ensuring that your FLIR ONE Edge Pro remains securely attached to your phone or tablet during use, even when moving around or working in challenging conditions.


                                 Edge Pro Vince 600.png        Orlinda attached scanning.png





Ignite 2 square.png


10. FLIR Ignite

FLIR Ignite is a powerful software platform designed to help you manage and analyze your thermal imaging data quickly and easily. Use the software in conjunction with your FLIR ONE Edge Pro to transfer thermal images to your computer or mobile device for further analysis. It offers a range of useful tools, including image enhancement and temperature analysis features, which allows you to identify and address issues with greater speed and accuracy. With FLIR Ignite you to capture and store thermal images in a centralized location, making it easier to manage and share data with colleagues or clients. It also offers advanced reporting features, which can be customized to meet your specific needs and create professional-grade reports that are easy to read and understand.


With its wireless connectivity and compatibility, compact size, and rugged construction, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro offers new, safer, and more efficient inspection options in industrial and field operations. Whether you are an electrical, manufacturing, HVAC, or automotive professional, the FLIR ONE Edge Pro is an essential tool for your toolkit. And this is just the beginning.

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