How to Clean a Thermal Camera Lens

The goal of cleaning a thermal camera lens is to remove excess dirt and oils that are interfering with measurement or image accuracy. As a rule, clean your thermal camera lens only when strictly necessary. It is not necessary to clean your camera lens regularly or before every use, only when there is visible dirt or fingerprints. 

Cleaning procedure:

  1. Remove dust by gently blowing or dusting with a lens cleaning brush
  2. Use lens cleaner that is 96% isopropyl alcohol, or a commercial lens cleaner with at least 30% isopropyl alcohol
  3. Dampen a cotton ball or lens tissue with the cleaner solution
  4. Wipe from center of lens to outer edges using a rolling motion that allows fresh cloth to contact the lens as you proceed
  5. Dispose of cotton ball/lens tissue, never re-use
  6. DO NOT rub dry, let the lens air dry

Clean the lens gently - excessive cleaning may wear away the anti-reflective coating, causing more transmission loss than a little dust and resulting in calibration errors and major service costs.

Never use the following to clean, as these materials may wear away the anti-reflective coating:

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Wet naps
  • tissues/toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Rags, hand towels
  • Shirt cuff
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