IDAX & Acyclica

IDAX is a data solutions firm that has provided a variety of traffic and transportation data solutions since 2013. They operate in markets throughout the United States and around the world, including: Washington, California, Colorado, New York, Florida, and Dubai. As data consultants, they are uniquely positioned to see a wide variety of traffic problems, and have access to many traffic technology solutions. Because of this, they have a great deal of experience looking at problems and figuring out the best technological solutions.

Bellevue, Washington is in the process of getting a light rail extension from the city of Seattle. This will involve the construction of a new train station in their downtown area, and the tracks that will serve it. In order to find the best balance between preserving people’s ability to move about the city freely, and closing roads to decrease construction time and cost, Bellevue approached IDAX about collecting traffic counts to understand shifts in traffic before and after road closures. This will allow a better understanding of what kind of impact longer term road closures will have on travel times and streets in the surrounding areas. After looking at the problem that Bellevue was attempting to solve, IDAX suggested instead that Acyclica WiFi sensors be used to run the traffic study.

Using these sensors allows for low cost collection of high resolution data over an extended period of time. This provides a much more accurate representation of actual traffic conditions and will allow better planning decisions to be made about how to manage Bellevue’s infrastructure during the project.

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