An Introduction to Thermography for Furnace Inspections

One of the most challenging applications for infrared thermography is the inspection of fired furnaces. In this brief recorded webinar, Senior Infrared Training Center Instructor Ron Lucier provides an introduction to using the FLIR GF309 camera for through-the-flame imaging of furnace tubes and walls. Lucier discusses specific techniques for developing interior panorama images  and offers a summary of the conditions necessary for accurate temperature measurement.

Question and Answers

With the Thermacam PM390 you can install funace filter and remove it. Does the new GF unit have a removable filter? Or is it fixed?

The GF309 has a fixed, cooled flame filter.  The filter is inside the vacuum sealed detector assembly so it cannot be removed.  The indium antimonide (InSb) detector is sensitive enough that the GF309 can still be used for lower temperatures (whereas you had to remove the flame filter on the PM390 to image lower temperatures).

Is the report process or format covered in the class?

Yes, reporting is covered in more detail in the ITC Level I Furnace Inspection Course.

What is "Giraffe Necking"?

"Giraffe Necking" is a term Ron uses to describe the mottled appearance of  tubes in a reformer where the pattern looks like the spots on a giraffe's neck. Ron attributes this to the catalyst in the tubes.