Thermal Home/Building Inspection Webinar

The Advantages of a Complete Thermal Home/Building Inspection - with Home Inspector Craig Lemmon

In this recorded webinar, you will hear first-hand from Craig Lemmon—a Level 2 ITC Certified Thermographer and professional home inspector for Real Estate Inspections of Texas, LLC—on the benefits of incorporating infrared cameras into your home and building inspections.

Craig draws on his years of experience to discuss the steps to completing a thorough home or building thermal inspection. Other topics include: how a complete thermal inspection can increase your customer’s energy efficiency, how adding this technology to your process can add value to your services, and much more.

Questions and Answers

Do you have an information resource about using drones equipped with FLIR camera applications for inspection or to provide different services?

We do have multiple solutions for putting our special drone specific cameras on drones, and we offer complete drone packages. Please reach out to your local FLIR sales representative for more information.

Can you speak a bit about looking for animals in walls / attic?

We have some images and I believe InfraMation papers around detecting animals in walls. If the animal or insects produce enough heat to heat the outside surface of the wall, then that will show up as a hot spot and help with identifying the location of the animal. I've heard of this working well with large bee/wasp nests.

What FLIR camera used?

I believe these were from the FLIR's 320x240 resolution camera, such a T530 or E95.

How about outdoors inspections? Have you done that from a sUAS?

Yes, FLIR's solutions for drones work well in day or night. We do have multiple solutions for putting our special drone specific cameras on drones, and we offer complete drone packages. Please reach out to your local FLIR sales representative.

How did you verify a wet spot in a million-dollar house?

Typically, we use a moisture meter to verify that the cold spot is indeed from moisture. FLIR also offers Meter Link, which embeds that moisture meter reading in the IR image via wireless Bluetooth, for reference later.

I use a tablet to write my report as I do an inspection, is there an easy way to transfer the infrared pictures to that device?

The FLIR cameras allow you to wirelessly transfer IR images directly into the FLIR app for analysis and updates. Then you can save them to your camera roll for use in your custom report or our reporting software solutions.

Is the FLIR ONE iOS camera adequate for a home inspector?

The FLIR One can be used for hot spot detection, but as one of the lowest cost products on the market, its features are limited relative to higher performance options. A FLIR One is better than no thermal inspection at all. Craig's discussion focuses on how higher performance solutions offer greater value to your customer and therefore allow the home inspector to better detect issues and potentially win more business, do their inspections quicker, and maybe charge more for their inspections.

Is there a FLIR camera for police inspection application in the country borders? (specific to people-trafficking) like, a camera to detect a heat of a person through a metal surface?

Since we only see heat signatures that propagate to the surface, seeing through metal does not work unfortunately.