FLIR Hosts Investor Day and Celebrates 25 Years on Nasdaq

FLIR hosted its Investor Day in New York City today where CEO Jim Cannon shared the company’s vision and mission, and a three-year strategy to ensure growth and continuous improvement at the company.  You can see the Investor Day presentation and listen to the webcast here. 

At the event, Cannon described what he views as the four historical chapters of FLIR, moving from a company that pioneered thermal imaging technology, to rapid growth of thermal as a military application in the next chapter and, most recently, to broadening adoption of thermal in new markets. Cannon then outlined FLIR’s next chapter: transitioning from sensors, to intelligent sensing, to a solutions approach led by FLIR’s collective FLIR technology portfolio and complemented by FLIR’s tech being created through its research and development efforts.

He also shared more detail about 'The FLIR Method,' a framework for FLIR employees to help build a learning organization centered on continuous improvement. 'The FLIR Method' provides the methodology for employees to review processes, reduce costs, rationalize the product portfolio and enhance the infrastruture.  As Cannon put it, “The FLIR Method will drive how FLIR matures into a world-class operating company.”  

After Investor Day, Cannon, the executive team and FLIR employees helped celebrate 25 years on Nasdaq by taking part in the closing market bell ceremony at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio in Times Square.  It was a great way to wrap up a productive and exciting day in New York.

Watch the live stream of the bell ringing ceremony below:

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