The Kifaru Rising Project - World Wildlife Day 2020

March 3, World Wildlife Day, is a reminder to celebrate the world's wild animals and plants. The 2020 theme of “Sustaining all life on Earth” brings awareness to the key roles of wild fauna and flora in our ecosystems, the benefits of wildlife to people, the importance of sustainable use of resources, and the value of conservation efforts both on land and below water to halt biodiversity loss.

A species that needs special protection is the black rhino, which because of poaching has become one of the most endangered species on Earth. FLIR is proud to have partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and the Kenya Wildlife Service on the Kifaru Rising Project since 2019, working to eliminate rhino poaching in 10 parks and game reserves in Kenya. Using FLIR thermal technology and solutions to equip anti-poaching efforts, our mission is to save these endangered animals and restore life on Earth.

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