FLIR Fans: Top 5 Community Posts, June 2018

We love seeing how our customers use thermal technology in their day-to-day lives, from the FLIR ONE Pro to the DM285, DIY-ers to professionals, we want you to share your cool thermal images and other findings with us on FLIR social media using #FLIR! Here are some of our most recent favorite FLIR Fans of the month:


#picoftheday This condo has a leak coming from the bathroom above. I was able to confirm the moisture readings with my @flir toys 😎 #waterdamage #mold #bathroom #flir #palmbeachrealestate #palmbeachrealtor #realestate #realtor #impacthomeinspections

A post shared by Impact Home Inspections, Inc. (@impacthomeinspections) on

Why we love it: This highlights a great use of a must-have tool in every restoration professional’s tool bag! Though thermal readings can give you an indication of potential moisture damage based on visualizing the temperature differences of a wet vs. dry spot, you need a way to verify! @impacthomeinspections is doing a great job of spreading that good word: Find it with FLIR, and confirm with a moisture meter!

Need one? Good news, now through Father’s Day 2018, the FLIR MR40 is on sale here.


Baby heat footprint :) #flir#thermal#infrared

A post shared by Diego (@diegoev_1) on

Why we love it: First, who doesn’t love babies? Other than the adorable nature of this image, taken with the FLIR ONE Pro, it’s a great demonstration of heat transference! The FLIR ONE Pro is sensitive enough to visualize the heat the baby left behind! Magic? No, just science. Thanks for the share @diegoev_1!


Harvest mice in thermal vision! #flirone #thermalimaging

A post shared by Gregory O (@thesoundfarmer) on

Why we love it: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a mouse! Did you know the FLIR ONE allows you to record MSX® video within the application? Now you can capture everything, from wildlife, to documenting changes in temperature. Thanks for the fun share @thesoundfarmer


#Flir #thermography #thermalimaging #irukrm

A post shared by Oleg Mishenko (@ir.ukrm) on

Why we love it: This still life image, courtesy of @ir.ukrm is a great example of how even the simplest things can look cool (or hot) in thermal!


Fire 🔥 #fire #hot #ir #infrared #thermal #thermalimaging #flir #flirone #flironepro @flir #bezons #valdoise #iledefrance #france #instacool #instacuriosity

A post shared by Davið Lavastre (@didoo1976) on

Why we love it: Let’s be honest, lighting things on fire looks cool regardless, but fire through the eye of a thermal camera? Pretty hard to beat something as eye-catching, in our humble opinion. Any time there is a scene with a drastic temperature difference (hot or cold), like melting ice cream on a hot summer day, try taking a picture with your thermal camera and show us what caught your eye by tagging @flir on social media and using #FLIR to be featured as one of our FLIR Fans next time!

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