FLIR Outdoor Product Notification

FLIR is discontinuing certain Outdoor product lines as it further heightens its focus on the professional user. Select handheld product lines will continue to be offered commercially, but remaining products will be further focused toward law enforcement, public safety, and other professional users. FLIR will offer discontinued products through existing channels until inventory is fully depleted, and FLIR will continue to honor qualified warranties for all registered products.

For warranty information, visit     

FLIR Outdoor thermal handheld products FLIR will continue to sell include:

  • Scout family
  • Scion series
  • LS series
  • Breach

FLIR Outdoor products to be discontinued pending inventory depletion:

  • All thermal bi-oculars and thermal monoculars except for the products detailed above
  • All night vision and thermal riflescopes and clip-on systems
  • All night vision multi-purpose systems and goggles
  • Laser systems
  • All outdoor and tactical accessories.

For service and support for legacy Outdoor & Tactical products, please head to


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