Ghost Hunting: Professional Tips

It’s well known amongst ghost hunters that thermal imaging is an important tool for tracking down spirits from beyond. Often times non-believers cast doubt on ghost hunters, citing technical abnormalities as the reason some see ghosts. So this Halloween, to help educate ghost hunters around the world, we wanted to highlight a few common thermal patterns and anomalies that can be mistaken for apparitions. 


Sometimes reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass can be misperceived as a ghost! If you have a FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera for your iPhone or Android, try taking a look outside through the window. That ghostly image you’re seeing… is you. Be sure to triple check your surroundings to make sure you aren’t accidentally spotting your own reflection in thermal. Oh, and open that window next time. 

Also, a highly reflective floor like granite, marble, or even a polished wood floor can also look eerily like a shadowy presence! The example below is of a reflection of a person who walked through a room barefoot. Their feet were warm, and these are their footprints left behind. That leads us to our next tip. 


People leave behind heat, whether its leaning against a wall, or sitting in a chair or lying on a couch. So before you go out on a hunt, make sure to keep track of everywhere you and your Ghost Team go to ensure you don’t leave any thermal patterns behind. The only thing you may have found was where your dog has been sleeping while you’re away. 

Cold Spots

Another way ghosts are known to betray themselves is by creating cold spots. If you see a mysterious cold area on your thermal camera, make sure to account for other explanations before counting it as evidence of a ghostly presence. Seemingly unexplained cold spots could be the result of water damage, drafts, or missing insulation, all common culprits in both new and old buildings.

Good luck out there, ghost hunters! Share your thermal ghost hunting tips in the comments below.

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