Teledyne FLIR Extends Si-Series Acoustic Imaging Camera Family with Expanded Frequency Range and Integrated Battery

Acoustic Imaging Offers up to 90% Reduction in Inspection Time with Minimal Training; Cordless Battery Improves Efficiency While Expanding Operator Mobility


GOLETA, Calif., June 30, 2022 ― Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, today announced the expansion of its Si124 industrial acoustic imaging family of cameras by introducing a new set of sound imaging cameras that feature a wider acoustic detection range, up to 65Khz, and an integrated battery with a quick start power button to make condition monitoring and inspection more efficient and effective.

In the industrial world, vacuum leaks, compressed air system leaks, electrical partial discharge, and mechanical troubleshooting can create troublesome challenges that require specialized tools to detect.

The redesigned Si124, Si124-PD for partial discharge inspection, and the Si124-LD for air leak detection, feature an expanded acoustic imaging range from 2 kHz to 65 kHz. The ability to detect sounds in the expanded 36 kHz to 65 Khz frequency range provides condition monitoring professionals the ability to increase the utility of the camera by detecting very small leaks and discharge at short distances. 


“With our updated ULTR mode, inspectors can isolate 30 kHz to 65 khz soundwave frequencies to quickly locate the smallest of air leaks, making the Si124 family of acoustic imagers even more effective,” said Rob Milner, Director, Global Business Development, Teledyne FLIR. “At the same time, our new integrated battery design further improves on the one-handed tool operation that is so important for safe use.” 

The new hard carrying case included with each new purchase offers slots for up to four integrated batteries for eight full hours of continuous operation. For those who prefer the tethered battery option, which is carried in a shoulder bag or pouch, users can still purchase it as an optional accessory.

FLIR Thermal Studio Integration

New and existing customers can also use the FLIR Si-series plugin for FLIR Thermal Studio, empowering operators to import acoustic images from the camera to the FLIR Thermal Studio suite to easily edit and analyze acoustic imagery alongside their thermal camera imagery to create extensive, advanced reports as part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance or condition monitoring program.


See the Sound Before Failure

The FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging cameras sense, display, and record sound waves by producing a precise acoustic image derived from the 124-microphone array. The acoustic image is overlaid onto a visible camera image within an easy-to-use, ergonomic, one-handed camera solution. Compared to traditional inspection methods including soap-bubble and single microphone acoustic inspection, the Si124 can help locate issues up to 10 times faster for common mechanical, electrical, vacuum, and compressor systems.

The entire Teledyne FLIR Si124 family of devices, including the tethered and cordless battery options of Si124, Si124-PD, and Si124-LD, are available for purchase globally from Teledyne FLIR.

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