Three FLIR Detection Products Win Eighth Annual GSN Homeland Security 2016 Awards

Government Security News recently announced the winners and finalists for its’ eighth annual Homeland Security Awards Program of 2016. FLIR’s achievements are seen across three product categories, with three detection products awarded as category ‘winners,’ including the Griffin G465Fido X2 and the identiFINDER R100. Additionally, FLIR was awarded as category ‘finalist’ in the Best User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Solution category. 

FLIR’s Griffin G465, featuring best-in-class chemical identification, won GSN’s Best Chemical Product or Solution. Industry-leading chemical matching techniques, found in all of FLIR’s G400-Series, provide high-confidence results in complex environments and eliminate data interpretation in the field, allowing our law enforcement and military to keep us safe while completing their job more efficiently. Offering high-performance, handheld explosives trace detection and armed with our award-winning TrueTrace®technology for superior security assistance, the FLIR Fido X2 achieved Best Explosives Detection Product or Solution. Last, but surely not least, FLIR’s identiFINDER R100 won Best Nuclear/ Radiation Detection Solution

FLIR’s best-in-class detection products equip our law enforcement, military, firefighters and HAZMAT teams with the ability to better-coordinate emergency response. FLIR is honored to be recognized in this year’s GSN HS 2016 Awards for our product innovations and award-winning achievements. FLIR is committed to developing products that will continue to arm our emergency responders with the tools they need to most efficiently perform their job in keeping our nation safe and sound. 

Best Chemical Detection Product or Solution

  • FLIR – Winner (Griffin G465)

Best Explosives Detection Product or Solution

FLIR – Winner (Fido X2)

Best Nuclear/Radiation Detection Solution

FLIR – Winner (identiFINDER R100)

Best User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Solution

  • FLIR- Finalist
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