High Performance, Reliable LWIR Thermal Imaging with the Tau 2 Series

The ITAR-free Tau 2 series offersthe most reliable and rugged longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera module. Equipped with a simple optical interface and common commercial interfaces, integration with the Tau 2 is seamless.


Thermal Integration Made Easy

Teledyne FLIR has you covered with high-performance and reliable longwave infrared (LWIR) Tau 2 series thermal camera modules. Common interfaces and access to a US-based Technical Services team reduce development risk, development cost, and shorten your time to market.  If you are developing with Tau 2, we can help.

With an unmatched combination of features and reliability, the Tau 2 is well suited for integration in demanding applications including UAVs, unmanned applications, handheld imagers, security cameras, maritime cameras, and thermal sights. Integration is seamless with common optical, mechanical, and electrical interfaces and the most lens options available on the market. See what Tau 2 solution is best for your application. 




Tau 2 Product Image


Made in the USA, the Tau 2 OEM thermal imaging cameras offer an unmatched combination of features and reliability, making them well-suited for demanding applications including unmanned vehicles, thermal sights, and handheld imagers. Improved electronics provide powerful image processing modes that dramatically enhance detail and contrast through continuous histogram equalization in both 640 and 336 resolutions. Radiometry is an optional feature for Performance-grade cameras and a standard feature with Industrial-grade.

  • Reliable performance with accurate temperature measurement
  • Advanced image processing and feature set




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