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Pressure Meter/Datalogger

Extech SDL700

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The Extech SDL700 is a Pressure Meter/Data Logger that displays 10 types of pressure on its large backlit dual LCD display. This meter records data on an SD card in Excel format for future reference and analysis. This meter is complete with a 3 year warranty, 6 x AA batteries, SD card, and hard carrying case.

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General Specifications
Pressure (atmosphere)
0.002 to 1.974 (30psi transducer), 0.01 to 9.87 (150psi transducer), 0.02 to 19.74atm (300psi transducer)
Pressure (bar)
0.002 to 2 (30psi transducer), 0.01 to 10 (150psi transducer), 0.02 to 20bar (300psi transducer)
Pressure (hPa)
2 to 2000 (30psi transducer), 10 to 10000 (150psi transducer), 20 to 20000hPa (300psi transducer)
Pressure (inH?O)
1 to 802 (30psi transducer), 5 to 4010 (150psi transducer), 10 to 8020inH₂O (300psi transducer)
Pressure (inHg)
0.05 to 59.05 (30psi transducer), 0.2 to 295.2 (150psi transducer), 0.5 to 590.5inHg (300psi transducer)
Pressure (kgcm²)
0.002 to 2.040 (30psi transducer), 0.01 to 10.19 (150psi transducer), 0.02 to 20.40 kgcm² (300psi transducer)
Pressure (kPa)
0.2 to 200.0 (30psi transducer), 1 to 1000 (150psi transducer), 2 to 2000kPa (300psi transducer)
Pressure (mH?O)
0.02 to 20.40 (30psi transducer), 0.1 to 101.9 (150psi transducer), 0.2 to 204.0mH₂O (300psi transducer)
Pressure (mmHg)
2 to 1500 (30psi transducer), 10 to 7500 (150psi transducer), 20 to 15000mmHg (300psi transducer)
Pressure (psi)
0.02 to 29 (30psi transducer), 0.2 to 145 (150psi transducer), 0.2 to 290psi (300psi transducer)
Additional Details
7.2 × 2.9 × 1.9" (182 × 73 × 48mm)
6 × AA (1.5V) batteries
3 years
17.3oz (490g)
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Extech SDL700 - Model: SDL700

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