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LCD Multifunction Voltage Tester

Extech VT30

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The Extech VT30 is a voltage, continuity and phase tester, featuring a built-in flashlight and backlit digital display with bar graph. This rugged tester is protected by a double molded IP64 housing and offers polarity detection with LEDs for positive and negative DC as well as a CAT III 600 Volt / CATIV 600 Volt safety rating. The VT30 comes complete with a one year warranty, 2 AAA batteries, protective cap, and pouch case.

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  • Wide detection range

    AC voltage range from 0 to 480 V and DC voltage range from 0 690 V

  • Ruggedized for any work environment

    Features a built-in flashlight for tight test areas and a rubberized, double-molded IP64 housing

  • Fast results that are easy to interpret

    Audible tone (continuity), LEDs for positive and negative DC (polarity), and a large, backlit display make testing easy

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General Specifications
AC Voltage
0 to 480V AC
AC Voltage Basic Accuracy
±(1.5% of reading + 5 digits)
AC Voltage Max Resolution
Built-In Flashlight
0 to 200kΩ, guaranteed on < 50kΩ
DC Voltage
0 to 690V DC
DC Voltage Basic Accuracy
±(1.0% of reading + 3 digits)
DC Voltage Max Resolution
Frequency Bandwidth
Input Impedance
1MΩ (approx)
Low Impedance
12-250V AC/DC; impedance <6kΩ
Max Current
Ω1.0mA (400VAC); Ω1.5mA (690VDC)
Response Time
Updates 2-3 times/sec
Additional Details
9.4 × 3 × 1.6" (240 × 78 × 40mm)
IP Rating
2 × AAA (1.5V) batteries
Safety Category
CATIII - 600V, CATIV - 600V
2 years
9.2oz (260G)
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Extech VT30