Fixed Surveillance System for Perimeter Security

FLIR Argus

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Argus is a fixed, rugged, preconfigured wide area surveillance system. Combining a best-in-class radar and thermal camera with Command and Control software, Argus is designed to detect and track multiple threats both near and far in the most demanding weather conditions 24 /7. When compared to other perimeter security solutions, Argus has the lowest initial cost per kilometer of secured space as well as the lowest lifetime cost.

Protecting ports, borders, pipelines and critical infrastructure perimeters

  • Radar + Thermal/Visible Cameras

    Optional payloads cover up to four spectral bands including visible, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR with slew-to-cue of cameras to radar.

  • Installs in Hours, Not Days

    Designed for easy installation with minimal infrastructure requirements, Argus is preconfigured to virtually eliminate any integration risk.

  • Track Over 500 Targets Simultaneously

    Laser designator, rangefinder, pointer and illuminator options plus Cameleon™ Tactical fusion of multiple sensors provide precise target bearing and location.

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FLIR Argus