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Highly doped (50%) Erbium YAG is a well-known laser source for producing 2940nm emission, commonly used in medical [1] (e.g. cosmetic skin resurfacing), and dental [2] (e.g., oral surgery) applications due to the strong water and hydroxyapatite absorption at this wavelength.

Low doped (< 1%) Erbium YAG has been studied as an efficient means to generate high power and high energy 1.6 micron ‘eye-safe’ laser emission thru 2 level resonant pumping schemes. In these systems, fiber or diode lasers pump the ~1.5 micron ⁴I₁₅⸝₂ − > ⁴I₁₃⸝₂ absorption band, where non-radiative coupling between stark levels allows 1.6 micron laser emission with quantum efficiencies in excess of 90% [3].

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