Heavy Duty Industrial MultiMeter Kit

Extech EX505-K

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The EX505-K is a heavy duty industrial multimeter kit. The kit includes Extech’s model EX505, DV25 and TL808 products. Kit provides you with a reliable meter and all the necessary accessories for industrial electric troubleshooting. Products are supplied in a soft carrying case that provides protection and organization for the meters whenever they are needed.

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  • Includes Extech EX505

    Industrial grade CAT IV-600V 4000 count display waterproof drop-proof rugged multimeter with True RMS functions

  • Includes Extech DV25

    Dual Range AC Voltage Detector (24 to 1000VAC/100 to 1000VAC) + Flashlight with Audible/ Visual indication double-molded housing and CAT IV-1000V safety rating

  • Includes Extech TL808

    8-Piece Professional Test Lead Kit with CAT III-1000V safety rating

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Extech EX505-K