Ultra-Portable Explosives Trace Detector

Fido X2

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At less than 1.5 pounds and featuring a durable, ergonomic design, the FLIR Fido X2 explosives trace detector (ETD) offers maximum portability. It features FLIR's proprietary TrueTrace® technology to detect a broad range of chemicals used in the manufacture of homemade, commercial, and military explosives with best-in-class sensitivity. On-screen prompts guide security officers quickly through operation, so they can confidently clear vehicles and personal belongings passing through a security checkpoint.

Screen for Explosives with Confidence

  • Fast, 10-Second Analysis

    Security officers can accurately screen for threats in sporting arenas, mass transit facilities, hotels, and other critical venues

  • Best-in-Class Sensitivity

    FLIR's patented TrueTrace technology detects homemade, commercial, and military explosives with higher sensitivity and faster clear-down than similar products.

  • Simple, Guided Operation

    On-screen prompts and go/no-go alarms aid operator with sampling and decision-making. On-device video tutorials reduce cost burden of recurrent training.

System Overview
Data Storage
10,000 discrete files; First-in, First-out (FIFO) automatic overwrite
User Levels
Operating Temp & Humidity
32 to 113 °F (0 to 45 °C) / 5% to 95% non-condensing
14 to 122 °F (-10 to 50 °C)
Enclosures and Packaging
Flame retardant PC-ABS alloy with aluminum reinforcements
Physical Features
Dimensions (L x W x H)
12.7 x 3.9 x 2.8 in (32.2 x 10.0 x 7.2 cm) - with battery
1.5 lbs (680.4 g)
Battery Specs
Rechargeable and swappable Li-ion battery; adapter included
Cold Start Time
3 minutes from cold
Input Voltage
100-240 VAC (wall adapter supplied); runs device and charges battery simultaneously
Sampling & Analysis
Sample Acquisition
Surface wipe with reusable sample swipe; Vapor sampling with optional accessory
Sample Phase
Trace particulate and vapor
Sampling & Analysis
Analysis ≤10 seconds
Detects homemade, commercial, and military explosives
System Interface
Visible, audible, and haptic (vibration) alerts
USB 2.0 (Mini-USB)
Data Management
On-device report generation; export to mass storage
Vivid, sunlight-readable color display (32k colors)
Language translation available worldwide
FLIR TrueTrace®; multi-channel fluorescence technology; no radioactive source
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Fido X2