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Application Development for Spherical Vision

Ladybug SDK

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Every Ladybug® system includes a feature rich Software Development Kit (SDK) to manage image acquisition, spherical and panoramic image production, and camera settings. The Ladybug SDK includes the LadybugCapPro program, source code for a quick start in the C/C++ programming environment, a camera device driver, and Application Programming Interface (API) software library. The API allows users to integrate Ladybug functionality with custom applications.

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  • SDK Features

    GUI applications (LadybugCapPro) for full access to camera and processing functionality. Windows/Linux collect-only command line application (source code included) enables lower cost collect hardware platforms. Comprehensive API for custom application development. C++, and C# example source code.

  • Capture

    Control image acquisition and data formats. Control camera settings such as auto exposure, resolution, and frame rate. Configure GPIO trigger or strobe settings. Adjust JPEG compression settings to fit data throughput requirements. Acquire and save synchronized images and GPS data to disk.

  • Process and Export

    Hardware accelerated image rectification, processing and stitching pipeline. Perform image processing such as debayering, exposure compensation, white balance, gamma and tone mapping. Render output using panoramic, dome or cube map. Retrieve camera intrinsic and extrinsic data for photogrammetry applications. Dynamically select different stitching distances for different areas of the scene. Export processed images to a variety of still image and video file formats. Encode H.264, H.265, VP9, WMV, FLV, AVI video. Generate Google Map, Google Earth or raw GPS data files.

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Part Number
Operating System
Windows 10 / Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04
Supported Languages
C++, C#, C
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Ladybug SDK