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Professional Imaging Moisture Kit


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Get greater flexibility and minimize downtime in the field with the FLIR MR176-KIT5. The MR176 helps you quickly target moisture issues with Infrared Guided Measurement technology, and has options to take either intrusive or non-intrusive measurements with its integrated pinless sensor and external pin probe. The kit also includes a hammer/wall cavity probe combo for additional measurement applications, and a replaceable temperature and relative humidity meter built with the same durability as the MR176 itself.

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  • Added Convenience For Fast Measurements

    Automatically calculate environmental readings and a field-replaceable temperature and relative humidity sensor for quick and easy measuring.

  • Upgraded Probe Accessories

    Kit includes MR08 Hammer and Wall Cavity Probe Combo to meet advanced measurement needs.

  • Customize thermal images

    Select which measurements are integrated (moisture, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, vapor pressure, mixing ratio) and choose from one of four color palettes.

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