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Turnkey Solution for Integrators

  • Performance Leading CZ Optics and HD MWIR Camera Module

    Long focal length, performance driven MWIR HD camera with long-life linear cooler and fully integrated CZ optics.

  • Designed for Integrators

    Industry-adopted InVeo Designs LLC imaging electronics with integrated MWIR camera and CZ lens offer optimum performance and compatibility.

  • Teledyne FLIR Value and Reputation

    With an industry-leading two-year warranty, get the performance, reliability, and support expected from Teledyne FLIR and the industry’s most versatile HD MWIR camera portfolio.

Meet the Neutrino Family

Meet the Neutrino Family

Teledyne FLIR has you covered for any MWIR imaging application. Offering SWaP+C optimized VGA, SXGA, and QXGA resolution camera modules, with long-life/low-vibration linear coolers, common camera interfaces, and various continuous zoom lens combinations, Teledyne FLIR’s Neutrino® portfolio provides the best solution available.

Connections & Communications
RS-422 UART COM, up to 921,600 Baud
Dual Parallel Outputs
Camera Link (Base) Output (14-bit NUC Corrected at Full Frame Format):
30 Hz (Standard Gain)
60 Hz (High Gain)

Display Output Options (10-bit (14 optional) fully processed video) (Select One):
720p60 HD-SDI (SMPTE)
1080p30 HD-SDI (SMPTE)
60 Hz 1280x1024 Camera Link (Base)
Center of Gravity
See Mechanical IDD
Input Power
24 VDC & 2.2 A Peak@ Cooldown, 23 °C
Thermal Extraction Method
Heat sink, see IDD
Environmental & Approvals
Cooler Interface (Predictive maintenance)
Monitors Operating Parameters:

Input Voltage and Current
Expander Temperature
Operating Time
Cool-Down Cycles
Cool-Down Time
Sensor Operating Temperature
Fan Control
Thermostat Control of 2x Cooling Fans   
Operating Temperature
77K, <5 minutes cooldown at 23 °C (73.4 °F), typical
Operating Temperature Range
-30 °C to +70 °C (-22 °F to 158 °F)
Power Surge Suppress
Active Suppresses When Cooler Enabled  
Storage Temperature Range
-50 °C to +85 °C (-58 °F to 185 °F)
Imaging & Optical
Boresight Drift Through Zoom
9 Pixels (0.10 mm) + plus alignment tolerance of 10 Pixels
Color Palettes
Monochrome (3 Palettes)
False Color (11 Palettes)
True Color (3 Palettes) for Splash Screen
Normal or inverted display polarity
Cobham Carleton LC1062 Linear Stirling
Cooler MTTF
Up to 25,000 Hours
Detection Recognition and Identification (DRI)
The NV-IPM model results are for the NVFOV (EFL =1200mm) zoom position with a target characteristic dimension of 3.1m and target temperature of 4.0K. The ranges at which there is a 50% probability of achieving the task for the V50 measured task difficulties of 2.0 (detection), 9.0 recognition, and 13.0 (identification) are provided below.

Detection - 31 km
Recognition - 20 km
Identification - 16 km
Digital Zoom
1X/2X/4X Edge Preserving
Drifting Pixel Filter
Excessive magnitude with respect to 8 nearest neighbors
Focal Length
120-1200 mm, HFOV 7.2° to 0.72°
Manual, Manual Focus Bumping, Focus to Specified Distance, Focus to Infinity, Commanded / Continuous Autofocus
Full Frame Rate
30 Hz (Standard Gain), 60 Hz (High Gain)
Local Area Processed Dynamic Contrast Expansion with user adjustable background level and foreground boost
Lens Type
10x Continuous Zoom Maintain Focus Distance Through Zoom
Min to Max Zoom Time
4 Seconds
Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC)
Factory Calibrations: Two point (gain/offset), One-point update (optimizes offset), Defective / noisy pixel detection, 8 Op Modes with 2 NUC tables each

Operational (Run-Time) Calibrations: One-point refresh
Pixel Pitch
12 µm
Sensor Material
Spatial Noise Reduction
3x3 Median Filter, 3x3 Gaussian Noise Reduction Filter, 5x5 Gaussian Noise Reduction Filter
Spectral Band
3.4 -5.0 µm
Thermal Imager
1280 x 1024 Pixels (ISC1308)
Wide to Narrow Co-Boresight
12.5 Pixels (0.15 mm) + plus alignment tolerance of 10 Pixels
Zoom and Focus Controls
Manual (Four Speeds), Zoom to Specified Angle, Preset FOV (Infinity Focus)
Size (L x W x H)
Length: 57.91 cm (22.8 in) Lens Diameter: 29 cm (11.4 in)
Water Ingress
Front element sealed to IP-55 No Housing (Open Frame)
14.51 kg (32 lb.)
Integrated Shutter for 1-Point Flat Field Correction (FFC)  
Media Gallery
Simplify MWIR Camera Integration with Neutrino
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