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Multi-Mission, Optionally-Lethal VTOL UAS

Rogue 1™

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Rogue 1™ is a next-generation, rapid employment, optionally-lethal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) sUAS that equips small units with the ability to engage threats within and beyond the range and capabilities of existing organic weapon systems while minimizing collateral damage and maximizing standoff.

With burst speeds in excess of 70 mph (113 kph), 30-minute endurance, and a range beyond 10 km, the Rogue 1 has been developed with the versatility, survivability and lethality required for the modern battlefield. Additionally, the state-of-the-art fuzing system with a mechanical interrupt allows for first of its kind safing, recovery, and reuse.

  • Ultimate Mission Adaptability

    Target disengage, retask, safe, recover, and reuse for unsurpassed mission flexibility and precision.

  • Modular Payloads

    Choose the payload for a specific mission including various lethal effects, dedicated surveillance, and training configurations.

  • Low Cognitive Demand

    Single operator with advanced autonomy for fully autonomous engagements. With GPS denied operation, it is resilient in complex and contested environments.

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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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Rogue 1™